Sunday, May 30, 2010

Draculas and Ghosts and Mummies! Oh My!

Riley Blake just keeps coming up with the cutest fabrics ever!  Who would think that you could use the word *cute* to describe Halloween?  Obviously Riley Blake does with it's "Boo To You!"  Nothing scary about them either!  Only cuteness!  Don't tell that to the black cat though that thinks he's all that and a bag of trick or treat candy!

Even their prices won't scare you off!   For their grand intro to the shop they will be only $6.95.  But hurry, this pricing will last one week only!

Wouldn't they make adorable pillowcases, trick or treat bags, or how about a patchwork skirt for your little one to twirl around in?  So go get them now, before they put their scary face on!


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  2. Hey Gina...I just got my Etsy order and wanted to check out your blog! Luv it! Can't wait to post pics of the 4th of July Table runner I'll be making with the fabrics I got! Thanks for getting the fabric here so quickly :)


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