Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pink Fig's Patchwork Skirt and T-shirt

I love to share what my customer's create.  I draw such inspiration and even get a little push to get back to sewing when I see other's cute, cute creations!  Like this patchwork skirt made by a very good sewing friend of mine!  And even though she lives in CO and I live in OK, I think sewing bonds us together in a way that I can't explain!  I know all you sewing sisters will understand.  But try to explain that to those that don't sew, and you get the deer in the headlight look!  Here is her skirt!

I'll bet the little girl she made this for is still twirling!!  Love it!  She made it with this Pink Fig Pattern the Patchwork Skirt and T-Shirt

Want to make one for your little girl or someone you know?  Check it out at Fabrics I Love, and while your there check out the Fat Quarter Deal of the Week for only $1.25!  This week's is the cute Just Dreamy Large Cream floral by Riley Blake.

Thanks for sharing Carla!  And for the rest of my customer's, email your pics to post!  Who knows who you might inspire?

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